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Welcome To Angels
"Integrity, Morality and Justice is ours to keep for our Faith and Freedom to Reign in Victory."

Welcome to "Angels!"

We are a legion that is based upon PVP/PE and a legion that believes in doing for the good of others.  Integrity at our finest, goodness out of loyalty and victory as a team is our moto.  We are a legion that is new but is set forth to be powerful, around a long time and dedicated to a better purpose.  We are a legion that is designed for honor, truth, goodness, faithfulness, kindness, and loyalty to each other and the legion.

Though, many are still new at the game (as myself included) and are learning the fullness of the beauty of this game and all it has to offer.  We are, however,  recruiting people who are in it for the long run.    

Recruitment of Angels Policies:

1. Dedicated and helpful players.  We have a strict 10 day policy.  If you are not on for 10 consecutive days, you will be kicked from the legion. Because we are all avid players, this makes sense for us and others who want to play the game.  UNLESS: You send an email to Angelstar stating the time and dates you are to be away and you WILL NOT be evicted.
2.  We ask that you offer your time and help in growing the legion into what our moto is based on.  This means: to be helpful to others inside or outside our legion, give when you can give what you have to the legion and who needs it.  We do not like greed.  This does not mean you cannot make money, it simply means think of your family (Angels) first.
3. We are new player friendly legion and love to help new players! We also recruit veteran players who love to help too.  Anyone at any level can join. However; we do ask that when you learn teach when you teach learn.  Then we all grow.
4. You can have (as for now) as many as 4 alts in the legion.  Though as we grow, this may change.  Plus this gives you more room to decide on what class you are best/or perfer.
5.  We ask that you please be patient with the staff and others and yourself as we learn and grow in the game.  Teaming, pvp, quests, etc. takes time to learn and become better at.  So we ask if you want to be a part of Angels to remember it is JUST a game and people are JUST people who make mistakes.  Let's just learn and grow together and in years to come we will be unstoppable!

If we sound like your kind of legion.  Send an in game mail to Angelstar.  She will then email you back to let you know if there is room on our roster or if we are recruiting.  

Thank you,

Angel News

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Angelstarr, Mar 3, 10 7:36 PM.
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The Future Is SO bright

Angelstarr, Feb 28, 10 7:28 PM.
Soon to come...Pics of your in game fighting, photoshoots of your toon, how to's of the game and more.
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